Christmas Photo Dump

Merry Christmas Everyone!

I don't know if you'll find these photos as a treat but I'm posting them anyway.

My haircut! Vanity.

If you've been following my twitter account (you should, click here) you'd know that I've been falling in love with watermelons. It's amazing how mothers can read their daughters' mind!

My brother and his "I'm-so-happy-my-tonsils-dance" face.


Boo again!


They threw a party last night and I can say it was a success (though of course I got no justice on saying whether a part is a success or not), but there were laughs and noise, just the way it should be. However, to my utter stupidity, I passed out in the middle of the merriment. Apparently, my father's wine was no joke, and I nearly finished the bottle. Blame Ed Sheeran, he got the kind of songs that really calls for liquor.

Excuse me. Hahaha.

My year-end post will be on series! Stay tuned!

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