Simple Upgrades for Staple Gift Items

Even if you don't believe in Christmas, you can't hide the fact that we all find happiness in giving and receiving holiday gifts. The excitement starts from wondering who got you on your exchange-gift game or thinking who might mind giving you something out of sheer kindness. Then, such excitement will be reinforced as the days pass and in one point you'll have suspicions as gift items are slowly recurring around you. Sure enough its outburst will be on the very moment you'll open it. The question though is that, is it worthy of a suicidal happiness or a homicidal madness? Trust me on this, I know very much of the piteous feeling one can have if he'll get something no less than special as a stone.

Fortunately though is the fact that as the world gives answers (or complications) to the needs of man, different staple gift items have been formulated as well. However, not all of us will revel on simple gifts no matter how expensive they are. It's the thought that counts, as said by a humble man, and receiving a thoughtless gift will be as worst as receiving none. Cliche. Cliche. But it isn't that far from the truth.

With this fact, Outrageous Writer together with Lazada Philippines have arrived on different gift items that will surely melt any kind of heart (wounded, stoned even stoic) and few tips on how to upgrade those into personalized gift items!

1. Zanea Jaci Ballet Flats (Girls) and U.S Star Steve Sneakers (Boys)

Shoes can never go wrong... except of course if you had the wrong size. Don't be afraid to ask his/her shoe size! It will be more than painful for the giver and the receiver if a wrong shoe size will put a precious gift into waste. In giving gifts for girls, I am really no fashion expert, but I can assure you that ballet flats will do. They're comfortable and they can match almost all kinds of bottoms (short, skirt, jeans). For the boys, a sneakers will be the safest, the trick however, is its colors. I suggest you shall take into great consideration his personality.

UPGRADE: Add a photoshopped picture of the receiver that shows how he/she might look with the shoes. Make it sure he/she will look at his/her best!

2. Coby Kyros MID7042 7"

Trust me, it isn't that expensive compared to the big Apple. We're living in a digital mobile world, and a handy access to the internet is a necessity. Plus there are other great apps everyone will enjoy.

UPGRADE: Make it a sweet photo album. Upload photos that are memorable both for the receiver and the giver. Or if this doesn't sound good, upload some music, videos and even ebooks which you're sure he/she will love.

3. Winpard Ladies Bag (Girls) and Chromosomes Lion Brown Bag (Boys)

Everyone needs something to throw their junks into. This actually is so self-explanatory I find it unnecessary to explain why you shall consider this.

UPGRADE: Stuff it with different items he/she will love! His/her favorite chips can do! (Mine would be marshmallows, just in case.)

4. Dark Shadows DVD

Help him/her catch-up with all good films he/she have missed. Johnny Depp will never go wrong, I assure that. Plus whether he/she can't get enough of vampires because of the recent wrap-up of The Twilight Saga or if he/she have such hatred over them that needs to be shaken, Tim Burton's Dark Shadows will do!

UPGRADE: Watch it with him/her! Make it sure that you'll answer the popcorn as well.

5. Moleskine Legendary Notebooks 2013 Daily Diary/Planner

This is cliche, but it is surely important. For busy people, of course its obvious that they'll need to organize their time (as much as their life). But most importantly, for lazy people, this will make them realize that they need to do something with their lives so they may use it!

UPGRADE: Do the planning yourself! Try to know his available schedule for 2013 and write it down, or simply you can write quick memoirs on significant events like birthdays, anniversaries or first's (meeting, date, fight)!

6. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky

I know you'll see a book coming. The thing is, a book can never go wrong to anyone, especially Stephen Chbosky's The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

UPGRADE: Do a mixtape with the songs included in the story. That. Will. Simply. Be. The. Sweetest.

I have given you a list of possible gift you might want to consider this holiday season. However, the choice will be yours. Shredding a brain cell or two for a gift idea will surely add to its preciousness! Plus, make it sure you'll wrap it up (connotative and denotative) with a wrapper as wonderful as your gift!

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