25th SCUAA Opening Ceremony

Last week I've reached the peak of my pride for my alma matter- The Philippine Normal University. We've hosted the 25th SCUAA (State Colleges and Universities Athletic Association) and it was spectacular! It's amazing to realize that I am surrounded by aesthetically brilliant people almost everyday.

The UV light field demonstration of freshmen.

And there was fireworks! Goodness no words can ever suffice the feelings I had over that stupendous visual presentation. It kind of brought out nostalgia and reverence at the same time. I'm not quite sure.

Photo credits to Jovy Sabate

There was also a shadow art performance which I failed to capture because an abominable incident happened... my camera's battery had drained. On the lighter note though, I have completely relished the moments since I didn't have any camera screen blocking my sight and a shutter button to press. 

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  1. @Donat_SG Hi ate! Opo. Medyo di naman siya tago. =))) Welcome!

  2. i like this one,keep up the good work

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