Golden Wedding Anniversary

I was hired as a wedding photographer! I drag myself to a golden anniversary wedding celebration, took my camera with me, and played I-am-the-photographer-I-got-good-angles game.

Surprisingly though is that they somehow loved my shots, and I do too.

The couple.

The family.

The extended family.

Photos taken with Samsung ES65

As you can see no one is looking at my camera, and it's all because they hired a professional photographer that certainly got a lens bigger than my confidence. It's fine though, or better yet, it's excellent. I caught the couple and the family in such raw actions, no stiffness, no pretensions, plain love and happiness.

Of course those aren't the only shots I took, I actually got 172 photos for that day alone. And the others are just for me and for my family's eyes.

The beautiful sky that day.

4 (na) komento:

  1. iba yung feeling kapag alam mong may nag golden anniv... parang ang tagal na pala nila.. wow! anyway! ganda naman ng photos! tama ka! everything looks so natural!

  2. congrats on the job/dragging yourself! :DD