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I am no performer. I trip while dancing, does not hit the right notes, and laugh at my own dramatic scene. Ironically though is that there is such a great force that attracts me to the stage, either behind it (I've directed plenty of school plays since grade school and up to now; took on musical scoring; and an automatic scriptwriter) or in front it... yes, as a pointless, proud fan or a highly critical analyst.

But I never knew these stuff will turn out into something nice!

Yes! I am chosen to be one of Ticketworld's Student Ambassadors! I just got lucky, seen their announcement on twitter, messaged them and came fluttering in excitement when I got their confirmation! Frankly speaking though, I think I have what it takes. Why other than my love all I can offer is my good taste for the arts!

TicketWorld, Inc. is a full service ticket company operating in Metro Manila.
The company provides ticketing and Box office services to the major venues in Manila.

It is such a great challenge to take my picks on their list of shows. My mind says I am in need of deep and bemusing theater plays to exercise my brain cells yet my heart demands a leisure time from all these life pains (literally and literary). Even so, I came up with this line-up that I would gladly share with you guys! (One being the highest)

1. Potted Potter: The Unauthorized Harry Experience

Playing to sold out houses all over the world, the Olivier Award nominated Potted Potter: The Unauthorized Harry Experience – A Parody by Dan and Jeff takes on the ultimate challenge of condensing all seven Harry Potter books (and a real life game of Quidditch) into seventy hilarious minutes. Even if you don’t know the difference between a horcrux and a Hufflepuff, Potted Potter will make you roar with laughter.

Potted Potter is perfect for ages six to Dubledore (who is very old indeed).

January 30- February 3, 2013
RCBC Theater

The greatest (and I think the only?) fandom I admit to take pride of is with my co-Potterheads. Seeing our epic characters on stage... and Potted?! Well let's see how it will go!

2. Ely Buendia: Sings His Greatest Hits LIVE! (THE REPEAT)

Backed up by 15 Piece Orchestra

January 26, 2013
Music Museum

Ely Buendia. Sings his greatest hits. Enough said.

3. Ibalong
A new musical based on the folk epic “Ibalong” from the Bicol region. Libretto by Rody Vera, music by Carol Bello, choreography by Alden Lugnasin, costume design by Leeroy New, lighting design by Katsch Catoy, set design & direction by Tuxqs Rutaquio.

February 8 - March 3, 2013
Cultural Center of the Philippines

Spot on: If you are a literature professor teaching Philippine Literature, you might want to require your students to watch this and let them dissect it with Vladimir Propp's Morphology of Folktales. For students, take a look on this Ibalong's written version... and ponder how lucky you are to have it on stage.

4. Katy
Many musical-theater buffs in Manila are looking forward to the revival staging at the CCP Little Theater of the hit Filipino musical "KATY", one of the colorful life and times of the country's queen of jazz and bodabil, Katy Dela Cruz. The musical will highlight Katy from a child protege singing in fiestas, cockpits, movie houses to Teatro Lux, Grand Opera House and later on San Francisco USA.

January 17-27, 2013
Cultural Center of the Philippines

In all honesty, I have no idea how Katy's story goes. However, as I read some of its online spoilers, I can only surmise how stupendous this local musical will be!

5. No Way To Treat a Lady

Rod Steiger stars as Christopher Gill, a serial killer who is fixated on his late mother, who had been an actress. Gill preys on older women who remind him of her. A Broadway theater director and costumer, he adopts various disguises, e.g. priest, policeman, plumber, hairdresser, etc., to put his victims at ease (and also avoid being identified) before strangling them and painting a pair of lips on their foreheads with garish red lipstick.

March 1-24, 2013
Cultural Center of the Philippines

As they say, minimalist teasers are the ones who conceal the greatest of stories. The poster is simply too attractive to ignore.

To know more about the shows listed above and to order tickets, you can visit www.ticketworld.com.ph or call 891-9999. And of course, you can check out their site to see if there are other shows that may fit your taste better!

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