Book Review: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

First and foremost, I would like to say that this wouldn't be the typical book reviews I have done before. I really am trying to contemplate why this wouldn't be one, but I think I'm running out of words to say why. This is the first time it happened, so please, just try to imply where am I going along this post. Okay?

I really didn't think that a single book can actually defy everything I've read so far, which is a lot i tell you, not that I'm bragging but it's the truth. I used to think J.K Rowling changed me, but then I realized that actually, since Harry Potter was the first good thing I've read, it instantly became my standard. I used to think I was emotionally attach to every character, but I realized that I was just trying to be, for it was what mediocrity told me to do.

Back to The Perks of Being a Wallflower (Yes, it is my topic. I don't know why I didn't mention it earlier.), the book is simply amazing. Not the oh-it's-fabulous-amazing, or the oh-I-need-to-share-this-one-amazing, but it's simply amazing, at the truest sense of the word, or probably because no word have ever invented to suffice its greatness. Not because it had me crying (until now) nor because it got me literally sleepless over night, believe me, I felt that way in almost every good book I've read, but not quit as much as I felt on The Perks. the thing is that, I used to cry before because it was what the stories told me to do, but this time, I cried because I simply felt like doing so. I can't even say that I can feel what Charlie feels for I am no wallflower, I'm a wall portrait, or a wall clock, and I am not even trying to be funny at all. I know people do notice me, but honesty, it got me thinking that perhaps I am one, or that I used to be, and I am just constantly trying not to be. I am really not sure.

I will not spoil anything about the stuff Charlie have gone through along the story, for I really wish each and everyone of you will consider reading it and be moved by it as well. But then, I'll tell you all that my very wish now, if I could turn back time, is that I'd definitely search for friends like Sam and Patrick. Not that I want to be influenced by them, but I do think people like that will either bring out the worst or best in you. Best in the way that you'll be more liberated in accepting who you are. My greatest problem now is the fact that I shatter when life forces me to move out of my comfort zone, I blame it to the truth that I am thought always to stand on the safe side and not caring if something can even be better, as long as I am safe- then I am good.

Also, I swear I'm going to marry Patrick if he ever does exist, I'll find a way for him to like me. I kind of like stalking Ezra Miller around the web and he's pretty close in being Patrick. So there, I'm going to marry Ezra Miller, him or no one.

I find it very nice how the Charlie-Sam loveteam isn't Nicholas Sparks-ish. True though that some parts could have been that way but no, it absolutely didn't. The mere fact that the scenes are actually cheezy, yet it didn't turn out to be like that, actually made it more cheezy (Huh?). I'm sorry if I'm obfuscating you all, but I can't seem to put it (and pretty much everything) in a more profound way, but I'm trying, honest. It is the kind of affair that you would wish to have although you know for a fact that it wouldn't be happy to have one. It's complicated I tell you.

I've gone through all the stuff I've said so far in this post and I do think it has been a lot, but honest to goodness this is only a dime of the emotions I am feeling over the book. And when I say emotions, the stuff I really feel, not the stuff they thought me I should feel. I am perplexed myself, on why and how I've been too personal about this (see, I've labeled this under the personal section as well), and if it is even possible to be this way, but since I am feeling this way, I guess it is. As you can see, I haven't been critical, not even once on this post, and that is all because it simply ripped of my critical mindset. From its lines, to its characters to the intellectual musical scoring (it enumerated lots of good songs, most are my all time favorites) it is simply impeccable. It just made me absorb (why I should have filtered!) everything I've read. All and every bit of me.

No words can really suffice, and if this fact won't intrigue you then nothing ever will. I've tried to avoid any spoiler, which I hope I did, but perhaps a good sneak peak to its motion picture will be good. Although a part of me is afraid that it will upset me. I really hope it won't.

PS: I don't know what I should feel over the fact that I'm friends (or so It think? Hehe) with a real-life Charlie. Actually, I guess I know what I feel, but I don't want to flaunt it here. Also, I think I'm friends with Patrick as well. I wish I can be Sam, or at least a bit of her, but she's simply too big for me.

PPS: I'm thinking of doing an online diary. I think it's somehow therapeutic.

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  1. I don't remember how I came across this title but it had been in my wishlist since last few years. I looked for this book in the stores outside but in vain. Then came flipkart to the rescue. Along with this was the prompt and excellent delivery service of flipkart.

    Now coming on to the book. Even though I read this book just after watching the movie I thoroughly enjoyed it. The book tells the ups and downs and the emotional upheavals of a fifteen year old kid 'Charlie'. This is the story of innocence, simple thoughts, purity, friendship, finding a zone of belonging in and much more. I am going for a second read because there is so much I could pick from and relate even though I am in my mid twenties. Also during the reading you will come across names of various novels and books which one can explore later on. Read the book but don't come looking for a thriller or romance. Some may find it little slow but those who will enjoy it, the book is going to grow on you with time. Have a happy reading :)