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I don't know with you guys, but I am already puking over the kind of comedy that brims our nation today. Not that I am bashing those that revel on it, but isn't it inevitable to demand a break over these dreadfully sarcastic and intellectually berating punchlines? I can only surmise the exasperation Charlie Chaplin is having now. Good thing though, two hot British guys came back to the Philippines to make us remember how an innocent, heartfelt laugh really feels. And there's more, while catering the greatest fandom ever recorded, Potterheads!

PLAYING TO SOLD OUT HOUSES all over the world, the Olivier Award nominated POTTED POTTER – The Unauthorized Harry Experience – A Parody by Dan and Jeff takes on the ultimate challenge of condensing all seven Harry Potter books (and a real life game of Quidditch) into seventy hilarious minutes. Even if you don’t know the difference between a horcrux and a Hufflepuff, POTTED POTTER will make you roar with laughter.

Written and performed by two-time Olivier Award-nominated actors Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner, Potted Potter is perfect for ages six to Dumbledore (who is very old indeed).
I am very grateful that I was chosen as a Ticketworld Student Ambassador! I got two orchestra tickets for free!

Potted Potter, I may say, is the best way to go nostalgic over the magical world Harry Potter introduced to us. Although of course, it isn't that magical compared to the movies and to the book themselves, but let us face it, if you're not Houdini it is hard to do realistic magic in front of a huge crowd, harder even if you're doing it while joking! And it's an Unauthorized Experience! And I am pretty sure your stubborn Potterhead attitude (which I have to admit I do have) will be swept away by the sheer pun Potted Potter has!

The photo was taken fifteen minutes before the show. There was this queer man sitting on the stage reading Harry Potter who seemed to be unaware of the people staring at him. I thought he was just a staff who can't seem to obscure his foreign, peculiar ways (I'm speaking not in the racist way please don'y kill me). Surprisingly though was actually he was Gary! One of the lead performers!

Of course taking photographs during the show was not allowed, so I have to get this thing told with my words alone. Basically, Potted Potter was a parody of all the Harry Potter books being told by two bright comedians named Gary and Jesse. Conforming to the literary concept of foiling, Gary was the grumpy and chubby Harry Potter enthusiast and Jesse was the potty and tall Harry Potter enthusiast... that knows nothing but Quidditch and the dragon.

They sort of ridiculed the original story of Harry Potter, and I mean the funny way. There were Ron Weasley singing Defying Gravity; Hermione Granger who was uhm, so arousing; Snape who was deranged over his deranged nature; and Voldemort who was so attached with his Nagini. There were bits of Lord of the Rings, Lion King and Les Miserables too, which I do think you would not really believe, but hey you can go and check it out yourself. The jokes were off the hook and sometimes far-fetched, but magically, you can still have the grasp of the whole Harry Potter story while laughing your ass off.

There were some unexpected happenings that forced Gary and Jesse to throw impromptu jokes. I have to admit, those were the best parts of the performance. My favorite was when Jesse caught all the Potter non-readers through a Snape question. And boy, I can only imagine how flustered those people were when they had realized that they were surrounded by people who love Snape by heart! This just proved how good Gary and Jesse are!

My favorite part of the play, which I think will come out unanimously, was the Quidditch. I was on Gryffindor! Even though I am a pure-blooded Ravenclaw, it was really nice to feel somehow connected with Harry Potter, even for a moment. The sad part though was that we didn't win! But Slytherin deserved their victory, their seeker was a young lady who literally brought the Golden Snitch down!

You know when a performance is good when the atmosphere simply won't die even after the show.

 Finally, I met Gab Alvarez from Ticketworld.

Two happy kids!

Sadly though, Potted Potter Returns had its final curtain call yesterday. But we all know how a huge internet demographic can help on bringing them back right?!

Potted Potter may not cap-off our whole Potter psyche, but it is surely an experience Potterheads, or mere comedy enthusiasts, will not want to miss!

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Photos courtesy of Gab Alvarez of TicketWorld

Watch out for Dirty Dancing Manila! I now no one can't resist the temptation of a groovy booty. Oops

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  1. oh my... i can;'t believe i missed it :( nakakalungkot! habang binabasa ko yung blog post mo na toh.. i was like, iyak-tawa! hahahaha huhuhuhu :'((((( naiimagine ko yung question about snape! waaaah! huhuhu