Why Is There a Flood?

Perhaps you have noticed already, that is if you're not a complete stranger to my blog, that my book reviews are now piled up on the month of February. Oh no people, this is not an attempt to increase my SEO traffic nor to attract book sponsors, I simply have gone into a conclusion that... I AM VERY STUPID.

Last night was a tragedy
The sky was calm and so was I
So I decided to tweak my blog.

On codes I go,
On photos I rush,
And when I was about to
flare a cinnamon
there came a button
of nightmare...

And everything paused.

I accidentally agreed on
the prompt of doom
and off came all my posts.

Was I despaired?

I cursed the wind,
the mobility of life and all.
Spare myself.

I read a few lines on the web
and there was a kind soul who helped me out,

but he left me on the door.

I needed to console,
to copy and revive.

If only the signal wasn't on a rush.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the story on why there is a flood.

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