Aklas: Ang Kontemporaryong Tipan

Yesterday I woke up to the news that our literary folio, Aklas: Ang Kontemporaryong Tipan, won the first place on the recently conducted 73rd National Student Press Convention (NSPC) of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines (CEGP). I know that I am but a dime on this victory and the full glory should be claimed by The Torch Publications (university publication), but I just can't help feeling so ecstatic about it. I personally prefer group victories than individual ones, I don't know why so let's just have it that way.

The literary pieces discuss the tragedies that haunt Filipino lives; the very stories we have always been trying to obscure yet are very much palpable in our psyche. It is very obvious that the contributors of the folio are more of emphatic than sympathetic towards the real life of the mass.

My story that got published is the one that won 2nd place on our university's literary contest, the Gawad GEM (Genoveva Endroza Matute). If this happened two years ago, I should have posted my work right away, but things have changed a lot and I'd rather keep the story exclusively to those who have a copy of Aklas. Not that I am bragging or whatsoever, but I personally have reservations towards my work. My apologies. And don't worry, even my parents themselves haven't read my story yet. But if you happen to be curious about it, you can refer to my friend's literary review on it: click here. Yes! Yes! Yes! My work has been reviewed! I know it is too shallow for me to be really happy about it since he is a friend of mine but if you are an amateur writer you would know how special it is for someone to take notice of your work!

Well this is the part I am mostly proud of, my co-literature majors' works have also made it to the literary folio. I really love it how we seem to be all-in-this-victory-together, especially that one of my classmates is the vice-chair of the literary folio. I am not sure if I have the rights to place their works here but you have to believe in me that all of them are excellent pieces (Given! How would they get through the final cut if they aren't?). Here is a picture taken by my friend. Stunning!

I told myself this would only be a short post but I think I successfully failed on doing so. My friends know for a fact that I have such a low autonomy over my emotions and my normal resort has always been blabbering, prtty much the very thing I am doing now. I am simply very very very happy with this. Congratulations to us again fellow PNUans! Especially to The Torch Publications!

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  1. May I ask kung saan po pwedeng makabili ng copy ng book?