FullyBooked's What's Your Story?

I love it how FullyBooked don't simply sell books but also promote love for literature. There is a big difference between the two: the first is like selling an orange without knowing what it really tastes like and the other one is like selling an orange with a complete nutrition facts label on its skin. It is quite obvious for me to take fancy on this matter since I am a writer and a literature major. Hehehe.

Here is one campaign advertisement that talks about how people find themselves on the books they are reading.

Both Little Women and Alice in Wonderland made it to my top five list (yes I did a painstaking list before doing this post). Heaven knows how many times I have read those books. I should say Little Women is the first book that ignited my feminist principles, come to think of it though I was around twelve when I first read it. Alice in Wonderland is memorable too, since it is literally the very first English book I have ever read. What is funny, however, is that my British Literature subject literally broke my innocent look on Alice in Wonderland. Did you ever think that such imaginative story actually talks about England's defiance over the Industrial Revolution?! Hell yeah it does.

How about you? What's Your Story? 

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*Not a sponsored post. All for the love of literature.

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  1. alice in wonderland??? really?? wow.

    naintriga tuloy ako haha... para kasing fairytale lng talaga/children's book.

    sis awarded you versatile award pala http://aianananalalala.blogspot.com/2013/04/versatile-blogger-award.html