Ruby Sparks: On Love and Submission

It would be of great hypocrisy to say that you haven't dreamed of a perfect man on your bed, and by that perfect I mean someone who could actually make you feel like you're the one who is perfect. Shame though to admit that mine has always been in a constant turmoil: I like someone who got Edward Scissorhand's shyness, I like Jay Gatsby's charm and passion, and I find it really endearing how Charlie never know what is happening to him. If I am going to have the power to come up with a real man with this great plethora of quirkiness, that would be so... creepy.

Calvin (Dano) is a young novelist who achieved phenomenal success early in his career but is now struggling with his writing - as well as his romantic life. Finally, he makes a breakthrough and creates a character named Ruby who inspires him. When Calvin finds Ruby (Kazan), in the flesh, sitting on his couch about a week later, he is completely flabbergasted that his words have turned into a living, breathing person. -- (C) Fox Searchlight

I think most of the writers out there would agree that when we write something, especially when we are aiming for a bigger mass appreciation, we go on writing our characters on extreme ends. Either she will be too normal so it will be emotionally aggravating not to do anything about her or she is too special it will be a crime to make her stay that way (because if you do that will be the very normal thing about her). However, the most common issue is this: either she will be too imperfect you yourself do not want to carry on writing about her or too perfect you wish you can be that person or at least sleep with her. In Calvin's case, great providence agreed that he may do so, and that was how his life started quite literally out of his paper. If we take it on a layman's perspective it will be entirely surreal, just like how Calvin's brother said he can get all the blowjobs he likes, but on a deeper sense never would it ever be nice to have things that way. He maybe Ruby's God, but he isn't he God of himself, he can't control himself as much as he can control Ruby.

The movie didn't go Sci-Fi. Thank heavens. I have to admit though that at first, I was kind of hoping that the movie would at least tell something on how Ruby was brought into life, pretty much because I would try to do so, but it didn't. And I should say that was one of the most beautiful thing about the movie, until the end there was something left to think about for the readers. Also, this kind of lens will give the audience the chance to see the real deal about Ruby and Calvin, not the metaphysical, mythological perspective a mainstream producer would jolt upon. Well played Zoe!

If we are to take away the concept that Ruby was literally out of Calvin's mind, it would be a normal story of love and submission. In fact, on the middle part of the story where the problems become more of the normal consciousness among Calvin and Ruby, you may even say that you have experienced the very thing that was happening in the movie. The movie didn't focus on the peculiarity of Ruby, instead, it made her appear someone entirely normal. Ruby was just a girl who was too in love with Calvin that she would do anything he wanted her to do, and Calvin was just a boy who was accidentally too dumb to realize that he got everything in front of him, yet he decided to ruin everything with one act of selfishness. I have to take my hat off to Calvin though, for in the end, his love for Ruby prevailed and so he set her free. Out of his house. Out of his life. And out of his dominion.

The movie was almost perfect. It told a unique story on a unique perspective. The characters were worth shipping for and so were the casts. The only thing they fell shortly upon would be the script. I would love it more if the movie was brimming with quotable lines, although it gave me a pretty adequate amount of it but for a storyline this wonderful, what they gave wasn't sufficient.

I give it a whooping 3.5/5! It is ambitious and honest at the same time. The movie that will make you believe that nothing is ever more perfect than a real partner in a real relationship, no matter how complicated reality maybe!

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