The Inevitable OPM Post

Much has been said about the presumed death of OPM (Original Pilipino Music) to the point that the issue itself simply won't die. Some people blame it to the Filipino listeners who prefer listening to music they barely understand, and some blame it to the local musicians themselves who would rather revive something tried and tested by time than to take risk and create a piece of their own. The mere fact that there are two set of culprits to be considered is already disheartening, as it simply goes to show that everybody is taking part on this hideous murder. Are we really seeing the twilight of what was once the asset of our nation?

The out-surge of technology has been playing a lot in regards with this issue, what we are not sure of if it is rolling in our favor or not. With one single click and a decent internet connection, any one can easily expose their music into a greater audience, pretty much greater than how any record labels can spread it. Because of this reason alone, local musicians fully depend their career's progress to the wonders of binaries. It seems that most of them are utterly forgetting about that personal yet highly effective spirit listeners get without the impediments of knotting headphones.

In spite of the fact that there are a lot of Filipino talents who have succeed on making a name through social networking sites, we cannot count them as great contributors of OPM. As much as I am trying to avoid it, Charice Pempengco is one classic example. Sure enough though she has been a pride to the Filipino people, but her hits such as Pyramid... and this other song I cannot actually recall, is not entirely OPM as it has been composed by a foreign composer and is released under a foreign record label. Even though Filipinos, because of our great pride and honor, are the major sale contributors to her fame, have we ever thought about the fact that actually, our local music industry is not making any assets on this?

The temporary restraining order filed against RA 10175 or the Anti-Cybercrime Law has returned the immeasurable power of the internet back to the netizens. As much as how easy it is for Charice and other local artists to upload their stuff in the web, it is too, or better yet easier for the foreign artists as their internet topography is way better than any local internet providers can provide to us. Technically, the faster the uploads the more chances of reaching a wider set of people and the faster as well.

Another thing is that our local musicians are competing to the whole world to win the hearts of the local listeners. The Korean Pop fever is only the most plausible because it is a new thing to our senses, as we have long been patronizing western music since time immemorial. What we cannot deny, however, is that there isn't much difference between the two; only that the former is a little bit more deviant as it chooses to music we can barely understand. Either way, Korean or Western, not even a cent goes to our music industry as we hit Itune's buy button, nor do we help our fellow to spread their talent as we illegally smuggle their works through Youtube.

The bottomline is that the worldwide web might be a good tool to resuscitate the dying (it isn't dead already) industry, but never will it be the best in a solo flight. As much as how any kind of music goes, it is considered futile until it reaches someone other than the composer itself. Are we going to cage ourselves in the invisible binary fences of the cyber world or are we going to drop our tabs and smartphones and physically revive OPM? The choice then isn't just in our fingers, but to our entire senses as well- yes including common sense.

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  1. when Up Dharma Down's Capacities was launched, I instantly bought five copies (aside from my personal copy) to FedEx to Turin, Montreal, Porto Alegre. Did some noise through fb, but didn't expect anything.

    I just bought seven more.

    Mga Tugon
    1. Wow that's very awesome! I myself is a big fan of Up Dharma Down, I think they are one of the greatest bands in the local scene. I should say they are really worthy of such effort! :D