Ang Bandang Shirley: Love, Music, and Drama

Enid del Mundo was late for her date with his mute lover Gibson Bonifacio. She was surprised, however, to see her phone ringing with Gibson's name on it, but it was not Gibson's voice that welcomed her. It was one of her favorite bands playing her favorite song.

Love and music defying distance and space. The kind of scene that you cannot simply screw up.

If Marie Jamora had not thought about playing Di Na Babalik by Ang Bandang Shirley for that crucial moment on Ang Nawawala (What Isn't There), it would have been completely different. But she did, and it was beyond perfect.

"Di Na Babalik wasnt written for "Ang Nawawala"." said Kathy Gener through an online interview. "Marie heard a copy of the unreleased song from Ramon De Veyra (Ang Nawawala co-writer) and thought it'll be perfect for one of the scenes of the movie and asked us if she could use it and we said yes."

Shirley and the Shirleys.

The first thing that struck me when I first heard about Ang Bandang Shirley was the curiosity that flickeed with the name Shirley; pretty much how half of the Filipino race went crazy on who Edgar was in Parokya Ni Edgar.

"I think Shirley is more of a concept. It was actually taken from Eheads song "Shirley"" Selena said on their interview for Click The City.

"(The song of Erasherheads) "Shirley" is about falling in love. So the Shirley component in our name is anything relating to being in love: the giddy feeling, the joy, the heartbreak, the anguish, the obsession."

"We love being in love." Selena added. "So we're Shirley hahaha."

While other bands seem to be going the Paramore - Paraless way, Ang Bandang Shirley, on the other hand, makes music with the quote "The more the merrier".

"I guess the reason why we have so many members is because it's just a lot of fun to be in Shirley." Owel said, and was colorfully rephrased by Ean on one of his Multiply blogposts "meron din akong feeling na "sana lahat ng friends pwede maging Shirley para alam nila kung gano kasaya maging kabanda natin." Hindi lang sa musika nagkakatugma pero sa buhay, mga kaibigang tunay."

Tama Na Ang Drama



Ewan ko!

Cover it all up with a painting that shouts "You and Me Against the World" under the title "Tama Na ang Drama", probably the most sarcastic record you can get.

What is not sarcastic about it though, is that Tama Na Ang Drama is remarkably a notch higher than Ang Bandang Shirley's first album "Themesongs". While Themesongs is somehow just a mere product of a creative (and collective) accident, Tama Na Ang Drama transpires the collaborative efforts (and experiences) of the already grown-up Shirleys.

"It just came about naturally because everybody just grew up musically and learned a lot more techniques." said Kathy on their interview with Don Jaucian for Philippine Star Supreme.

Ang Bandang shirley's personal experiences within the four years gap between Tama Na Ang Drama and Themesongs helped them come up with an even wider demographic of subjects for their music.

"We’ve all grown older and probably a little bit more serious. Since “Themesongs,” though, we’ve had to face all these life changes and question ourselves constantly if we should keep making music and what exactly our goals were." Selena said.

"More bandmates getting married (Owel in 2009, Heidi [our former keyboardist) in 2010, and Zig in 2012; I’ve been married since 2006), Owel’s wife Nice bore Grac, their son, while Zig is also an expectant father. When Heidi got married, she decided to retire from the band to concentrate on motherhood and her photography practice. Most of us also have gone into the professional world." Jing generously added.

Aside from broadening the topic bracket of their songs, Ang Bandang Shirley also became more sensitive to the technicalities of their songs. Ean shared that they have even hired a producer, Jerome Velasco, so that there would be an unbiased ear to criticize them.

"A lot of different sounds tailored for the song as opposed to having one great sound for everything." Joe said.

Ang Bandang Shirley also became very conscious about the arrangement phase of Tama Na Ang Drama since it had a bigger scope in the songwriting process compared to Themesongs. The goal is for it to sound collaborative than a mere concoction of songs talking about Shirley, or simply love.

"Ideas were coming in left and right so we had to be careful picking the ones that worked." Zig said.

What Shirley has got to say.

On the question about the death of OPM, Ang Bandang Shirley decides to keep their mouth shut and let their music speak for them.

"We think this issue should be put to rest so we'd rather not comment on it anymore. Good music is good music whatever it is called :)" Kathy answered, and I could not agree more.

Even though Ang Bandang Shirley is already building a decent numbers of followers, they decided not to talk about their edge compared to other local bands.

Thought you have heard the most out of what OPM can give? I guess you are living on a cave these past few years.

Here is a sample track from Ang Bandang Shirley's second Album Tama Na Ang Drama, if this will not urge you to reconsider, then perhaps nothing can.

TAMA NA ANG DRAMA IS NOW AVAILABLE @ Fully Booked Bonifacio Highstreet and ONLINE: on iTUNES and on our webshop: http://wideeyedrecordsmanilashop.bigcartel.com/ or email wideeyedrecordsmanila@gmail.com for orders!

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