SM Department Store: Unleashing Everyone's Inner "Aura"

My fashion sense is not non-existent, it is just that it is highly relatable that it refuses to stand out. However, I do believe that it can still be considered as a fashion sense, since I think prioritizing comfort and being laid-back are sensible after all.

If I am to be asked about my favorite fashion get-up, it will be the one I wore when my mother gave birth to my brother, which is pretty much the most beautiful day of my life. Of course, I did not wear a dress to the hospital nor did I step on the delivery room in stilettos; I was wearing what could be the most boring get-up ever mixed: a plain white shirt, shorts, cowboy-inspired belt, and a grey doll shoes. Although it quite haunts me how I wore such dull colors for such a wonderful day of my life, I would not have it any other way.

I got this entire look from SM Department Store. The thing about SM Department Store is that their collection is so versatile that it can accommodate every people's personal style. I bet some of you have already seen Dolce and Gabbana people like Laureen Uy, Camille Co, Xian Lim and other fashionable socialites shopping at any SM Department Store near you (and I bet you did not ask them for a picture because it seemed like they were on great concentration.) And then there are the Kentucky ones, where I belong, the ones who will tuck themselves at anything they find comfortable. For sure, there is a multitude of difference between the two, what sets the equilibrium though is that when they step out of any SM Department Store, they will surely be holding cloth bags (Duh no plastic! SM has gone clean and green!) with clothes they truly like to wear.

In spite of these different stylish demographics, however, there will surely be some items that everyone will simply love. I guess that works that way, after all, we are but people who would like to express themselves through our own fashion sense. I personally say that the items I am talking about are the summer wedges from Parisian Shoes and Bags and the hippie sneakers from Milanos Shoes. Let us face it, who would not want to have these stuff under their soles?

Photos from Parisian Shoes and Bags Facebook Page

Photos from Milanos Shoes Facebook Page

I have to admit that I always had a thing for Parisian shoes. Practically, they are one of the most stylish shoe brand that can accommodate a size 9. Believe me, finding good shoes in this size is harder than how you think it is.

Who told you I am not interested in fashion? Fashion is simply unavoidable. Good thing SM Department Store got it all for us!

Whatever your personal style is, Dolce and Garbana or Kentucky, you will sure find a way to express your inner Aura!

SM Department Store's Official Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/TheSMStore

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  1. I agree! :) I love SM Malls especially department store. Haha! So many good stuffs/finds! cute entire look! xoxo