The Full Monty: On Men and their Issues

One of my guy friends randomly asked me before about how women feel upon seeing naked men. I was caught off guard and I did not know which of my alter-ego's should I entertain; the sheltered, underage girl or the liberated feminist. The funny thing though was that neither of them won; I simply threw back his question to him without any pinch of concern in answering it myself.

I did not have the slightest idea that weeks after that, I would see six distinctively endearing men strpping on stage.

Talking about destiny's taunting.

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Based on the Motion Picture released by Fox Searchlight Pictures, written by Simon Beaufoy, produced by Uberto Pasolini, and directed by Peter Cattaneo

Seeing how much their wives enjoy watching male strippers during their “Girls Night Out”, unemployed steelworkers in Buffalo, New York come up with a bold way to make some quick cash. In the process they find renewed self-esteem, the importance of friendship and the ability to have fun.

As the guys work through their fears, self-consciousness, feelings of worthlessness and anxieties (over everything from being overweight to child custody, bigotry to being gay), they come to discover that not only are they stronger as a group, but that the strength they find in each other gives them individual courage to face their demons and overcome them.

There is a great heart to THE FULL MONTY, and the ultimate themes expressed in the show, about taking charge of one’s life and following one’s dreams are great lessons for all of us. And truth and be told, through creative directing and staging, the final impact of THE FULL MONTY can be achieved without ever losing your jockey shorts! - The Full Monty

The Full Monty is not your usual patriarchal society gone mad story. While most stories with the same content would go on showing men hyperventilating upon seeing their wives' monthly paychecks, The Full Monty comically shows the vulnerably side of men as they strip down their way to discover the true value of friendship, dignity, and family.

I have to give props to whoever did the casting of the The Full Monty. Most of the casts are not the celebrities you would go head-over-heels for, but they are more than perfect for their roles. The men of The Full Monty are Jerry Lukowski (Mark Bautista; Dave Bukatinsky (Jaime Wilson); Malcolm MacGregor (OJ Mariano); Harold Nichols (Arnel Igncio); Noah 'Horse' Simmons (Marko Sison); and Ethan Girard (Nino Alejandro). I do not have the right to give any verdict to their performance since I do not have any background in acting, but from a viewer's perspective, they are really effective.

I have to admit though, that during the performance, I kind of assured myself that The Full Monty is not something I will remember. Sure enough I was laughing at clever punchlines, was humming with the songs, and was screaming my heart out at the naughty parts, but I was not feeling that certain something that will get you thinking about it for the rest of your life.

But I was dead wrong. I am right here sighing with remorse for that immediate thought.

I have always been conscious and sensitive towards the hardships of women, in parallel of course, with my fight towards gender equality, but The Full Monty gave me the idea about the troubles of men; and made me realize that in spite of all the countless wrongdoings they have, they are no less than humans like us, capable of falling and bouncing back. It is kind of rude for me to forget this, and I needed some rude sexy awakening.

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The men of The Full Monty is actually after for the solace they will get if they carry on with their strip show. How perplexing is that, doing something completely shameful to restore your dignity? I too, cannot imagine it, but The Full Monty showed it to me. Jerry Lukowski needs money to keep his child's custody, but more than that he needs to show his ex-wife that he is capable of something; Dave Bukatinsky needs confidence to regain a batter relationship with his wife who has been around organizing strip shows; Malcolm MacGregor craves to prove to himself that he can live outside the shelter of his mother; Noah 'Horse' Simmons wants to show everyone that there is more to him than his rotting age; and other real adult problems men are experiencing.


True enough, artistry can never go wrong. You can go there writing about some strippers all for the pun or perversion, but in one way or another it will mean something to someone, and whatever that something is, it will never be any less than wonderful.

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