The Outrageous Playlist

My good taste in music is the only thing I have to offer... which is kind of theoretically incorrect since taste is basically subjective. So there, I guess I do not really have anything to offer.

Pun aside, my music library have grown a lot since I entered college. Before, it was practically a mediocre garden of teenage emotions; the thing you would like to play to further exacerbate your first heart break. If I am to judge it now though, it has became a forest of various sounds reflecting life in general; the kind of thing you would like to play anytime and anywhere.

5. Damien Rice

My hormonal attraction to Phillip Phillips had not done anything good to me except to introduce Damien Rice. I was literally taken away when I first heard Volcano- it was painful, at the truest sense of the word. I instantly downloaded Damien Rice's full discography and had them on the loop. He is practically Ed Sheeran with an even greater amount of pain. Cannonball and The Blower's Daughter are my favorites.

4. Up Dharma Down

I know Up Dharma Down has been on the Filipino music scene for more than a decade already, but it is just recently that I discovered how excellent they are. It is truly amazing how videoke machines can hit it all right; my classmates went on blasting Oo and Tadhana some time ago, and I could not love them more.

3. Phoenix

I can not accurately describe how I feel about the Phoenix. I should say though that they have an utterly perplexing set of lyrics that will really get you thinking forever, and thus making you listen to them forever. If anyone of you has already understood the essence of 1901 and Fences, I would really love to have a nice chat with you.

2. The Smiths

The question is not why they are here, but why they are just here. If you have been following my social media accounts, perhaps you know that I have made it certain that The Smiths will forever be my favorite band. The thing is, they still are, but I just recently caught myself spending a lot of time with a new musician, and I choose not to lie about it. But then again, How Soon is Now and Girl Afraid will eternally have a precious place in my heart.

1. Birdy

She does not have songs of her own and her accent is way too strong to immediately understand, so why do I love her? Simple. Her covers are the kind of songs that can stop the world just so you can breathe, and I am still trying to figure out how that can be. However, I made it sure that I have also heard the original versions too, pretty much for the sake of formality. As how it is, she has this melancholic way of arranging songs, the exact thing she did with Fleet Foxes' White Winter Hymnal  and The Naked and Famous' Young Blood. I dare to call it The Birdy Effect.

I do not think you find this selection remarkable, but this is really special to me. If only life has enabled us to play music when we want to, things will be a lot better.

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