This is to formally end summer

It is not that summer has been really nice that I cannot let it go, but it is not as worst as how I thought it would be. It is both satisfying and boring, and I am still thinking how that could be.

I wrote a lot, thank heavens. Although the stuff I wrote were not that significant, they all meant a lot to me. Practically what I did was to stare at my notepad and pinch random letters on my keyboard, no signs of any coherence at all. First I would be talking about a non-existent front porch then the next thing I would be talking about how mayonnaise jars could be really romantic and all. Everything was basically pointless- floating stuff on my mind, but nevertheless I would prefer having them than having none at all. They were all really nice.

I think I have also quite developed a nice idea on how I will be able to make it on the local writing world. I have even thought about the businesses I will venture on sooner or later, some stuff like that. I never thought this blog would be such a great platform for my career, but I guess I just really got lucky. The thing is, I have been passing lots of stuff around, yes, I am slowly realizing that opportunities will never come knocking on my door. Right now, I am just waiting for the right time to try what could be the biggest project I may ever have. Wish me luck.

I am feeling deliberately free. No kidding. I have been locked up with this one thing for about four years already and it is just really nice to finally let it go. I actually thought I will break down or something... well I actually did break down, but it was not that long until I finally got over it. I was captivated by what had happened, and the next thing I knew was that I was plainly happy. Nothing more, nothing less.

I will not say that I am petrified by the fact that summer is almost over, I actually don't know what to feel about it. I have cool blockmates, the kind of cool you will never get tired of. Plus I really love my concentration, even though things may get a little overboard this semester. But still, studying is a burden, I guess it will always be. So with that I don't really know.

Things are changing. And I honestly don't know if it's good or bad.

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  1. I'm really happy that you were able to practice your writing skills more this past summer. I know how you feel, comes the school days you'll be filled with loads of things.

    Good luck on your writing! I really love reading your blog, that's why I nominated you as a versatile blogger on my blog. Check it out >> http://no-rain.org/one-step-at-a-time :)