Aerial Days of Outrageous Writer

This is some sort of a "Hey I'm still alive!" update.

Did you ever feel like your mind is floating? Like there is some gradient cloud filling your head? It is not because of any smoke or something (goodness never will I ever think of smoking), but rather the lack of it. I think I should go out more often and fill my self a healthy dose of nature's breeze.


I know more than half of the internet community will scrutinize me about my late appreciation of Skins. I have to admit though, that at first I thought it was nothing but a perverted coming of age series, and I even tweeted that I did not find it nice at all. But when my eyes have already adapted to the explicit load of skins being shown on the series (what was I thinking when I thought there would only be an adequate amount of it?) I realized that it was bizarrely honest and amazingly insightful. Practically, Skins is about the part of high school our parents will never want to see, and I bet my parents will be equally furious when they find it on my netbook. But guess what, high school is already three years behind me, and I have survived all of that. Except I guess for a few aftershocks.

In all honesty, Skins has been helping me a lot. I will not discuss why and how because it will sound nothing but a phony.

Flower Power.

Goodness how I loathe that subtitle.
I have another bouquet of flowers! And I am so happy about it... not. What I like though is that this time it is white. I always thought white flowers are less phonier than the red ones. And would it be poetic once they wither and turn completely black?

Curls. Excuse the vanity.

I did not know curls would actually look good on me! And I did not know I could be confident enough to write that! I really did love how my cousins made my hair, it was some sort of a consolation to the air-tight, comfort-sucking dress I wore.

I wonder if jetlag feels like this. Like your body drifts apart because of flying. I need something to set my feet on the ground again.

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  1. You're so pretty with that curls. :")