Music Monday: Dragonfly by M.Craft

I am officially starting Music Mondays, mainly because I have realized my Song of the Month routine is not enough to hold my entire playlist that is ever blossoming... and partly because I just need a reason to share this wonderful song.

M. Craft

I can see it all tonight underneath a perfect sky
Where the universe revolves around the pupil of an
And infinities stretch out from infinities within
And I'm a part of everything, I'm a part of

Am I falling asleep? is it all just a dream?
Well, the cars are like water and the road is like a
Rolling down through the city, flowing out into the
Going nowhere like me, going nowhere like me

When the morning starts to glow out in the corners of
the sky
And the people come, and the time just passes by
Then I'm only gonna see it from the corner of my eye
When the planet spins it sings like the wings of a

I can see it all tonight
I can see it all tonight
I can see it all tonight
I can see it all tonight

If it was not because of Skins I would not have known the melancholy of M.Craft, and perhaps I would not have been sad during the last couple of days. I am still trying to figure out if I am happy or sad about it.

But classes have just started. And I do not know what to feel and think about it.

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