Music Monday: Feelings by Up Dharma Down

This is to sadden your day away.

Up Dharma Down

Breaking through the night
In this cold Fahrenheit
Shadows have left
Crying got old

Bland and bittersweet
Wondering what went wrong
There goes all hope
There goes all hope

But the feeling
It tries to escape
Bleeds through the light
Even when I close my eyes
Its not seething
The weight on this shoulder
I can't wait to chase the fiction home
And carry on

Favors in reverse
Songs are unrehearsed
When I get through this
I hope I get through you

Stains on my mind
The cloud on that hour
The minute you closed the door
My eyes washed the floor
Baby, baby it's hard to say
But there seems to be no other way
You left and you were right
So I have to let us down this time

'Cause I can't
'Cause I can't feel it

No other way but down
No other way but down
You said so yourself

It's just
It's just a feeling
It's just a feeling

What are you crying for
What are you crying for
When it's just a feeling
God knows you can get through this

When it's just a feeling
They are just feelings
These are just feelings

I wanna know
Do you feel anything
As you go on your way
Driving home
As I sleep alone tonight
I wanna know
Do you feel anything
For me

Is there anything you like to say tonight?
Before I go
Before I go...forever...

I have been really busy these past few days, and it  feels utterly liberating. I do not know how you will deal with that paradoxical statement, but that is how things are really going for me as of now.

I am on the verge of living.

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