Where Am I When the Stars Collide?

Man, where did I get that?

It had been a month already since my last legitimate post was published, and that was even sponsored, so it was not the kind of post which I just felt like writing. I am still perplexed why I took such a long idle, it had only been months ago since I felt like my blog was the best thing I have ever had my in entire life and I was more than fine on making love with it until the last day of my life. But then, I am a girl (and is making baby steps to become a woman!), and that fact pretty much entails a great amount of indecisiveness, and I have got nothing against that. So...

I am lying at my back looking at the sky, realizing how such great forces can be ephemeral. And what more am I?

Sorry. I just have to.

Away from the stars (why there is not even a single star in the sky right now) here are some of the stuff I have been up to lately. I never really did stop writing, and heaven knows what could have happen to me if I did.

1. Rappler

Perhaps a few of you noticed that I put down my interview article with Mikhail Red about his upcoming Cinemalaya entry Rekorder. Well, I was not being brat or anything. The thing is, Rappler was so nice for letting me contribute on their Move.Ph entertainment section. It really did feel good, but honestly, I just wanted to give Mikhail Red's Rekorder the attention it really deserved. I have not seen a film as ambitious as his since Heaven knows when.

2. Pindiemusic

My editorial about the presumed death of OPM and my interview with Ang Bandang Shirley had brought me this. Basically, I started as spectator and went on writing some (practically invisible) profiles... then the next thing I knew was that I am already the Profiles Editor of Pindiemusic. Lucky!

3. Freelancer and Odesk

I had been accepting random writing jobs as well. They were easy, but a bit overwhelming especially when I have had this employer who made me write articles about everything, non-stop! It was really painful for me, not because I could not do it, but because I always take my writing as something sacred and special, so you cannot just get me rushing with my pen!

4. School

Two (highly contrasting) literature subjects, translation, a language subject which feels like an introduction to our doctorate degree, and a few minor subjects who simply do not get the sense of the word "minor". Need I say more? I am not remorseful though, I wanted this.

5. Growing up

Well. I need some time to prepare myself to the great cross over.

I cannot really promise a comeback, and I do not take this thing as such. But I am here, and will always be.

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