September and Stage Lights

Here is to hoping you had not thought that I died already. At least physically.

Some bands went to our university weeks ago, and I was finally able to test the ability of Kaye (my Kodak Pixpro AZ361)! There are not any decent reviews around the web about the product, so I am thinking of doing one myself, perhaps this semestral break. That is, if we will have any.

EDIT: Man, along doing this post, I realized Blogger is raping the quality of the photos. :( Perhaps I have to get a new uploading site if ever I will do the review. We'll see though.

Silent Sanctuary.

Karl Ramirez and Plagpul.

That's all! Hope everyone is doing good!

4 (na) komento:

  1. Hey i hope you still remember me. :))
    Silent sanctuary, i may not be into opm, but i like their songs. :)
    And i agree with you, blogger is messing with the quality of pics. ugh.
    Anyways, I dont know anything bout Kaye. :))

    Have a great day.

    cheenish.blogspot.com xx

  2. You should try uploading your photos to Photobucket and then just pasting the direct links on your blog posts! It's better that way I think. Blogger really screws up the quality of photos :\ (it could take a lot longer blogging like this though)