Repertory Philippines' The Producers

Just when I thought the great Adolf Hitler is the quintessence of homophobia, I saw him sing and dance... in the gayest way possible.

Repertory Philippines' The Producers talks about how gayness and greed can turn the most traumatic event in world history into something "funny, sunny and gay". With comic yet profound lines and surprising turn of events, you cannot help to fall in between.

Surface reverse.

The producers in the producers want nothing but to make a flop broadway show which they can turn into millions of cash through some recording magic. With a cathastrophic storyline, a gay director with a gay-er production team, and a Swedish bummer as the female lead, they thought they are already doing it all wrong... and they are absolutely wrong.

Much to their terror, the show turns out as a big hit and is even foreseen to be a broadway classic. Aside from the fact that they can do no magic with their revenue, their past monetary discrepancies are unfurled as well.

True reverse.

Aside from the surprising monetary success of the broadway show, the greatest reverse in the story would be the gayness of Hitler.

The story claims that the whole name of Hitler is Adolf Elizabeth Hitler. Even though there are no concrete evidence to support the claim, the joke comes out rather authentically that history deems it to be true.

The story also imply that the best person, much less the only capable one, to portray Hitler is someone who is funny, sunny, and definitely gay. Even though his portrayal is obviously not the most accurate one, it is the most effective as the show turns out to be a great success. If that is not a strong mark of empowerment to the third sex, then I do not know what is.

Irreversible pun.

Reversing though it seems, The Producers will not stand the test of time if not for the fact that its classic pun is one thing you cannot change. Funny, witty and graceful, The Producers is one play you cannot pluck out of history.

Repertory Philippines' THE PRODUCERS runs until December __! Call 891-9999 or visit TicketWorld at http://ticketworld.com.ph for ticket prices and reservations. You may also visit Repertory Philippines at http://repertoryphilippines.com/


Premiere night photos.

Post-press conference.

With my fellow TicketWorld Students Ambassadors.

With my crazy classmates.

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