Some days are just overwhelming.

You will never know when you will find a good book. You step foot into a bookstore, a wallet well filled, but nothing in the shelves seems to be shouting. But when you go on a casual round, just phasing through the covers and getting nowhere beyond the front illustrations, that is when you will seem to see yourself inside one story you never knew existed. Or if you bought a book and promise that this will be the story you will keep forever, it will come up rather trashy. But when you just grabbed it around the obscured corner of your room because your mother told you to clean your bedroom, it will be the very story that will make you feel that forever is not enough to live the life you are yet to have.

You will never realize the beauty of a song if it is not the right time for you to hear its beauty. Like when you know a song since you were a toddler, you did not like it back then, hated it when you were in grade school, and cursed it when you were in high school (and why the hell was it even there still anyway?!) But when you hear it again on one casual evening when you are on a diner having your late supper alone and it suddenly pops out of your seatmates deafening headphones, you will realize it was you all along, speaking with melody.

You will never be aware of that perfect dress staying behind your closet waiting to be worn. You will never know it could have been the right thing for your promenade and that it could have made your first love asked you for a dance until that one moment when a cockroach gets inside your stack and goes through the depths of your closet. (You have to kill if of course!) And that is when you will see it completely untouched. Chances are it might still fit, but when it no longer does, probably he really was not supposed to ask you to dance because he was complete wreck.

You will never understand a person that much. You will never know where they might possibly coming from, when are they born and when are they going to die, how they arrived on that certain state, why they are the way they are, and who they really are.

Unless you find yourself completely in love with that one person and you will never even care if you do not understand him, you just understand that this is exactly how it should go.

Because the thing about life is that you will never know when it will get you. Like one day, everything seems fine and easy, boring even, then the next day you will have the biggest shock of your life. It is just so ironic how it is your own life and you will never fully understand how it goes because it is not you who makes it go round but it is you who goes around with it.

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