Karpos Multimedia Brings #PhoenixLiveInManila

I cannot honestly describe how I love Phoenix so much. I just translated Fences and Lisztomania to our native language (Filipino) using a meaning-base theory for our Literary Translation subject and disambiguated  the historical significance of 1901 for our World Literature class. Not much.

You can only surmise how happy I am to learn that Phoenix is coming to Manila.

Phoenix is the band behind the songs 1901 (yes, it isn't Birdy's), Lisztomania and Bankrupt! which was played in Bling Ring. Through the years, Phoenix is deemed to be one of the most sought after rock band.

#PhoenixLiveInManila is made possible by Karpos Multimedia, the production team behind the annual Wanderland Festival which brought Foster the People and The Temper Trap to the country.

Follow Karpos Multimedia on Twitter (@karposmm) and like their facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/karposmultimedia) for more information. You may also follow Wanderland (@wanderlandfest) and like their facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/wanderlandfest).

Falling falling falling. :D

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