A Troubled Girl's Message to Girl Trouble's Robin

To Robin of Girl Trouble,

Hi Robin! I can see that you have produced such a prolific diary of hatred, passion, and well, troubles. In my whole life I have never seen a montage of rants this creative, kudos to that! I like it, but not the kind of liking that I would love to keep in a jar and lick (what) again perhaps several years from now. I like it now, and so far, that's all.

I should say, you are the most eloquent angry person alive today. I have quoted a few lines from your rant book, and those I would keep forever. If you let me. You have this certain way of de-alienating people from your own feelings. Like somewhere, in one point or another, we would be able to find ourselves in between of all your dilly-dallyings. Probably because you really have the biggest plethora of troubles in the world that you have completed the encyclopedia of troubles, I am not that sure actually. But you really have some serious typographical and grammar problems. All throughout the book I keep thinking that these errors might mean something bigger. Like that is how a real troubled person goes, they never edit their words because well, they have more (mostly non-existent) stuff to mind, or that such errors conjure up a bigger meaning of the entire story, like an implied meaning or whatsoever, which if correct, I honestly did not get. Either way I guess you have to consider a moment or two to pause for a break... and edit them. That would not hurt as much as a broken heart.

You have a good music taste too. I love it how you lessen the transference of your rage through a couple of songs each chapter to make me breathe. Somehow. As you can see, your work is a wide and deep basin of contagious emotions, and a good music which everyone can relate to make it a hell lot more contagious. Did you do that intentionally? Are those playlists mean "I am kind of tired writing and I do not have much photos in here so what the fuck let us sing." or do they expound on the fact that life could have been a lot better if only we can play music with it? Well, they can be both, I know. But you did a right thing there.

Such a troubled man with troubled troubles you are, Robin. Like Holden Caufield with Charlie's explicit sexual repression and Jay Gatsby's broken heart, that's how troubled you are. Or even worse. Do you honestly believe that it is because of the girls who have hurt you or those you have hurt? I do not think so. Who is your mother anyway? I believe she plays a great part on your disarrayed state of mind right now. It slipped from you at page 141, or at least that is how I understood it. Perhaps that is why you have always been troubled with girls, because the first girl you have ever met is quite a trouble herself. I suggest you just remind yourself of the warm jacket she has probably knitted for you, the nightly milk to make you sleep, or the tasty cookies she used to bake for you during snack time. Wait. Those might probably hurt you more. So don't think about those. Well, just hug her. Get over your phallic stage, damn it. That's all.

So us girls can be quite a drastic trouble, can't we? Perhaps individually, we really can't. But altogether, we can really make a big shit right there. Thanks for letting us know. But honestly, I kind of have this feeling that all the girls in your rant book are but apparitions of a single (super mean and super deranged!) person. I find it quite unbelievable that you can shag (and that they have all shagged you) such a great number of girls. Are you that old, Robin? Am I writing to a senior citizen? How can you sound that cool if you're at your 70's? Well such are but my presumptions, so if you are just around 30 or so, then you have had such an exciting and outrageous life already you can even consider dying now.

I am about to protest that it is us who have had the worst of everything, like the fact that it is us who is much much more troubled about pregnancy and that behind every girl trouble is a troubling  boy, but I kind of realize that it is the point of your rant book anyway, to tell us that you guys are on an abominable track too. So we are pretty much in a weird circle of life eh? You mess with us, we mess with you, and we both mess with the world, and in the end we will both detest how messy the world had become without realizing that it is plainly because of us. Perhaps the main reason is that our troubles are not the same with yours, and that we cannot understand each other at all, because if we do, we will either be gay or fall in love with each other. It makes such imperfect sense, doesn't it?

But above all, I wish you will find the right girl who would love and take good care of you. It is not Tiray, nor is it Cate, believe me. I do not really know if she would be as troubled as you and you two will eventually find yourselves in the equinox of the pandemonium, or if she would be happy, loving and almost perfect and will get all the shits out of you. Wait, would she really be a girl anyway? If not, it's okay. You two can now be married anyway. Plus, I hope you will make it up with your mother, I am really serious on that. Perhaps deal with her first then deal with Tiray and Cate and all the other girls (and guys) in the book, it would be a lot better, trust me. And do wear your condoms perfectly next time, okay?

But stay with your music, your photos, and your words. Those are very sexy. Oops. And your book's mind porning is better than Fifty Shade of Grey. A lot.

We can have a coffee if you want. My treat. Plus a hug.

From quite a troubled human being too,

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