An Open Letter to Join the Club

Dear Join the Club,

You guys do not know me. Of course. But I am one of those people who like Nobela, and that is insignificant. Everyone liked Nobela.

I do not like you as much as I like Up Dharma Down and Chicosci. I do not even know your names. And I do not even know any of your songs aside from Nobela. So in short, I do not like your music, that much.

But this is not a hate post.

You guys, changed my life.

U.P Fair Roots 2014, my second time to see you guys play live. I did not come there for you, I did not even know you guys will be there! But your music came just when I needed it the most.

You played Nobela, and the image of this one guy flashed in my head. I like him for about three years already, and it fucking sucks. As you may have noticed, I am not this conventional girl (I do not think such exist), and I do not usually go around liking someone. But I like this guy, and him alone, for three straight years. And I know I am getting no where. We are friends, and if not for my feelings (which I hate) can be the most amazing buddies ever. We really click. We like the same stuff, and well, I think we like the same cool stuff so that makes us pretty cool, right? But well, I liked him. And I've been hiding it for three straight years, and that makes me a pretty good hider.

It is not the feeling of liking someone that sucks so much, it feels good actually. It is the feeling of being locked up which I hate the most. I don't usually get caged. I am living a free life. I talk about what I want and when I want to, and I do the things I want in the way I want to. I seldom listen to people. I go to bed late. I wake up late. I do not do the dishes. I do not shower everyday. I have been to different places which my parents have not heard of.

But this feeling. It has been caging me. And maybe the fact that it does not usually happen to me, makes it a lot worse.

So back to your band. Let me just remind you the lyrics of Nobela. And if you guys do not know how heavy it is, it is about time you know. Because its power can pretty much kill a person.

Join the Club

Ngumiti kahit na napipilitan
Kahit pa sinasadya
Mo akong masaktan paminsan-minsan
Bawat sandali na lang

Tulad mo ba akong nahihirapan
Lalo't naiisip ka
Di ko na kaya pa na kalimutan
Bawat sandali na lang

At aalis magbabalik
At uuliting sabihin
Na mahalin ka't sambitin
Kahit muling masaktan
Sa pag-alis
Ako'y magbabalik
At sana naman

Sa isang marikit na alaala'y
Pangitaing kay ganda
Sana nga'y pagbigyan
Na ng tadhana
Bawat sandali na lang

Sumabay sa biglang pagkabahala't
Lumabis ang pagtataka
Tunay na pagsintang di alintana
Bawat sandali na lang

I do not know how on earth did it hit me this hard. I like foreign indie bands, and they have more delicate words than those. They have those lines which you can keep forever, and you do not have much of that, or at least for me.

But this song. Its plainness makes it a lot more beautiful. The fact that you need not to conceal its message in perplexing words and tricky lines, only shows that you are confident enough to say what you guys want to say, and nothing can ever be better than that. No poems, no songs, can ever be more special that one's true feelings. And you guys laid it then and there in a song, and I cannot love you guys more.

I guess that is how it really should be. Liking someone, and being hurt, it is never a fancy thing. It does not go with fancy lines and beautiful phrasing, which I have to admit, is my fascination as I am a Literature Major and I am a sucker of Donne and Wordsworth. You just have to feel it, and nothing can ever be truer than knowing its power by itself.

So for about five minutes, as you were playing Nobela in front of me. I was half crying. I was not hurt, okay. I was crying because of my stupidity, why did I have to keep it for a long time? I should have said it to him the moment I felt it. And things might have been different (I mean, we would not be together, but I could have been happier, or more free).

So as the concert went on, I saw the bands I liked more, but they were not that special compared to you guys. I was dumbfounded. I needed to move. I needed to confess. And so I did.

Right at this very moment, it has been an hour and a half since I told him how I feel. I typed my simple message for less than five minutes, which freed me from the cage I had been for three years already! Imagine that. I really should have done it a long time ago.

Why am I telling this to you? Because you guys were 80% of the courage. Had you guys sung a different song, I should not have ever thought about confessing. Had you guys been absent in the event, I could have been worse now.

But you guys were there and you sang Nobela. And I never knew how beautiful it was. And it hit me.

So thank you so much guys. I know you guys are receiving loads of fanmails, and this is nothing. But I just have to thank you guys. And since this thing is quite trendy, you guys deserve to have one.

I love you guys. And I always will. You are now, my favorite band ever.

With love and freedom,

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  1. Six to seven years ago, I bought a Nobela CD. And, up until now, I still have JTC's songs on my player/phone/PC. Honest lyrics. Good music. I was also in UP Fair Roots 2014. I realized, I still love JTC after all these years. I was the only one in the crowd who was singing every lyrics of Lunes and Tinig. I think, Lunes and Emotional Overdose were my personal favorite from that album.

    Emotional Overdose

    Wala na ring kwenta
    Kung sasabihin pa
    Sa iyo ang damdamin
    Damdaming pagsinta

    Hangga't maaari
    Ay limutin na ang sanadali
    Hangga't maaari
    Ay limutin na...limutin ka na

    Ano ang saysay pa
    Ng suyuin kang muli
    Di na mababalik ang iyong
    Damdamin pang muli

    Ang nais ko lamang ay matapos na ang sandali
    At ng mawala na
    Ang sakit na dulot nitong damdamin
    Hangga;t maaari
    Ay limutin na ang sandali
    Hangga't maaari ay limutin na
    Limutin ka na

    Mga Tugon
    1. Wow! That song pretty much matches my situation as well. Thanks! Gotta love Join the Club forever. <3