International Film Expo 2014

“Cinema is the ultimate pervert art. It doesn't give you what you desire - it tells you how to desire.”- Slavoj Zizek

Last June 28, I went to the International Film Expo 2014, I actually expected that it would be more of a cognitive exposition where everyone would just talk and talk and everyone would just have to to listen and listen (which wouldn't a problem to me, actually), but alas it went beyond that. The first thing that got into my mind when I was already getting the hang of it was this: "This is no professional exposition! This is a freaking pleasurable playground!"

The first thing that welcomed us was the amazing cameras of CMB Film Services Inc. We were just eavesdropping around their booth when someone pursuaded us to go inside (and even offered coffee haha). They introduced all the bits and pieces of filmmaking production from lights to camera gears to camera lenses and others. I was a bit astounded since we sure did not look like good buyers, but they did not even ask if we were students or what, they just let us played with their items. And when I said play, it was play at the truest sense of the word, we pretty much just used everything cluelessly!

The next was RSVP Film Studio's booth. Just like CMB, they had numerous film products that could have devoured me entirely if they wanted to. They had this camera gear that could extend up to the ceiling of the forum hall... which they kindly lowered down for us to play with. Their main attraction was their 3D viewing, which of course, I did not miss.

The National Film Archives of the Philippines was definitely the most informative. They did not have much stuff with them that we can play with (which if ever they did, I still would not touch because my hands will never be worthy of the history of Philippine Cinema!) but they were generous enough to do a simple lecture session about film restoration. I was able to record it, just in case anyone of you would bother. Also, I freaked out with the sight of Lino Brocka, albeit in a video. They told me that had they known that a Lino Brocka fan would be there, they should have brought his statue. I could have brough it home, if ever.

One of the seminar that we were able to catch was about voice acting. Although voice acting was absolutely nowhere in my head, nor in my voicebox itself, I still found the talk prolific.

The last was the color grading lecture from Black Magic Design and PostManila. I have always known that photography and film are all about colors, but I have never seen its magnificent power with my bare eyes. This is one thing I would definitely want to master sooner or later.

They actually have a free software that we can all download! Get it here.

Photo from @checkayism

There are other booths that we have gone to. Some were from different film academies around the country, major film productions, film post-production service providers, and a lot more. Everyone's got their own fair share in the entire film industry.

Ain't it fun?

Until next year, International Film Expo! I hope by that time I am no longer just an eavesdropper, but a legitimate filmmaker scouting for her next feature film! *I hoooooooope*

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  1. just dropping by to say hi and wishing you a nice day ahead ! :)

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