Five for Fighting! Five Stuff I Want for my Birthday

July has already dawned upon us! I figured it is now the perfect time for you guys to save up for my upcoming birthday, which is almost a month away from now!

Of course guys, your love, your care, and your existential (metaphysical even) presence in my life are the real things that matter. And all of these make me no less than happy... but wrapping something up for me would not hurt. Trust me.

Just so you will be spared from the difficulty of thinking (which, I know, can be really really really difficult for most people), I am giving you a glimpse to my Happy List aka If-money- can't-buy-happiness-why-are-these-things-existing List!

5. Casual Dresses

If there is one thing that people always get it wrong about me, is that I am not a girl. I might be acting and thinking like a dude most of the time, but that does not entail that I am not vulnerable to girly stuff. In all honesty, had this been a perfect world, I would have worn dresses and skirts all throughout my entire existence. There is something about nice dresses and cute skirts that wonderfully baffles me all the time.

Here's a tip: Some clothing stores are on their mid-year clearance sale now! Yay!

4. Haruki Murakami Books

I am a cliche. With that I mean that of course, you would see a book on this list. I am yet to understand the wonder that is Haruki Murakami, at least even before he dies wins the Nobel Prize. My eyes is specifically on Norweigian Woods, but I would do well with others as well.

3. Personalized Notebooks

I am a cliche. Again. I guess by now you already know what is writing for me. Last Christmas, a friend of mine gave me a personalized notebook with a painting of me (I presume) in front, and it instantly became one of my favorite things in the world. I am not requiring you to go overboard on personalizing it! Basically simple doodles can already break my heart into pieces. I am pretty shallow, actually.

2. Mixed Tape

If there is one universal gift, that will definitely be music. It is almost impossible for me to describe how wonderfully painful it would be to be lain out with music. A simple Spotify playlist can drown me.

1. Cinemalaya Film Festival Pass

I look forward to Cinemalaya Film Festival than to my own birthday, that is something I cannot, and simply will not deny. But I guess the heaven conspired for me to love myself more that they made Cinemalaya 2014 run from August 1-10, which means that it will go straight through my birthday! I figured this will fit nicely as the debut celebration I missed last year, I am not sorry at all.

However, if you have something in mind already (which is pretty impossible because even I still can't feel the heat of my birthday) I would definitely love to try it as well. Really. Am I asking for too much? But as I have told you guys, your presence and love are already enough.


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  1. Happy belated birthday! :D I love those notebooks! They're all pretty :D

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