5th Philippine International Literary Festival and Book Industry Summit

ReaderCon 2013 is easily one of my most favorite events last year. It just feels nice being surrounded with people who share the same passion as you, which is of course, reading. And also, it is not every day that you get the chance to see your favorite authors as simple readers themselves!

This year's ReaderCon happened under the 5th Philippine International Literary Festival and Book Industry Summit alongside Aklatan: The All Filipino-Book Fair and Komikon 2014. The event ran from November 12-15 at the Bayanihan Center, Pasig City. I came at the last two days of the event since it was when the programs for ReaderCon was scheduled.

The first panel discussion that I attended was themed "Reading Programs that Work". It basically talks about various reading programs that a school can adapt in order to encourage students to read even outside of the classroom. It showed how librarians, teachers, writers, and parents can go hand-in-hand in developing the culture of reading among Filipino students. I found it really refreshing and insightful since it had always been my main goal during my practice teaching- to let my students know how wonderful reading is.

The next panel discussion featured famous Filipino writers Jun Cruz Reyes and Eros Atalia and graphic novelist Manix Abrera. They talked about incorporating contemporary literature to the curriculum of Filipino schools. They emphasized on the fact that contemporary literature can be a great tool in encouraging students to become readers, and eventually turning them to the critical readers we want them to be.

This year's "Authors as Readers" panel discussion featured Filipino writers Rin Chupeco and Edgar Calabia Samar. They discussed the books they usually read and the authors who ignited their love for writing. Rin Chupeco's inspiration was Neil Gaiman and it was Tony Perez for Edgar Samar.

The last panel discussion for that day was about the rise of book clubs. It featured local book clubs The Filipino Group-Goodreads, Flips Flipping Pages, and the one I am a member of, Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books. They discussed the emerging book club community in the Philippines and how one can start his own book club.

Winners of the 2014 Filipino Readers' Choice Awards were also announced that day. I was one of the judges for Fiction Anthology. Together with my fellow judges, we  picked Manila Noir as our winner. Other local books were also awarded that night under different categories.

Story-telling performance.

The last day of the event was allotted for the different book discussions of the book clubs. Pinoy Reads Pinoy Books chose Ricky Lee's Para Kay B since we had just recently interviewed the Lee himself. We did some sort of a contest and it was rather fun! You can join us through visiting our Goodreads group.

Where was money when I needed it the most?!?!?!

Hope to see you guys next year!

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  1. Love your post! Nice pics! I was there, too. I gave the reaction on the reader's point of view on the first day :)

  2. Oh, How I wish I could join in this kind of event. I really, really want to encourage the love for reading to our fellowmen. The earlier they start to read, the better. How I wish our school would support, encourage and awaken the desire to read "good books" among the students.