Chvrches Live in Manila

When you see your favorite band play your favorite songs, nothing will ever compare.

Chvrches is what you get when you combine electro pop, indie rock and deeply profound lyricism. I don't think that's even understandable, and so is their awesomeness. When I first heard The Mother We Share  I was like "What? What was that? What did she say again?" I figured if I would listen to them more I'll get even a slight hint of whatever they are saying. They kind of tricked me; little did I know, I was completely captivated with their music already.

Martin Doherty, Iain Cook and Lauren Mayberry were all really fun to watch. Martin was outrageously energetic that my vocabulary system lost the word "boredom" all of a sudden. Iain was the busiest, he just had too much going on, but he was able to do everything at once. I am pretty sure he is some kind of a metahuman or something. Lauren was doing her awkward-yet-completely-adorable thing with the cord of her mic and I was really worried she might tie herself to suffocation. And of course, no matter how hard I tell myself that no, I was after their music, I just couldn't help but stare at the beauty of Lauren. It was when the lights were off that her beauty was getting through me. She was magical.

I was not able to capture good photos because... well I chose to have fun, that's why!

I am naturally a patient person but waiting for your favorite band is quite an agony.

DJ Joey Santos.


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From @checkayism

In case you doubt my taste in music, here is a sample from their set featuring one of their original songs "Lungs".

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