Music Playlist: I'll Let You In

When you met someone who you thought would actually give a damn about you. (Click the image for the Spotify playlist)

1. Breathe- Michelle Branch
2. Are You Strong Enough To Be My Man- Cross Country
3. Lost in the World- Bon Iver and Kanye West
4. Jump In- High Places
5. Come Together- The Beatles
6. You Universe- Rico Blanco
7. Ink- Coldplay
8. Heart Out- The 1975
9. Girl Afraid- The Smiths
10. Kung Kaya Ko Lang- Callalily
11. Once In a Lifetime- Freestyle
12. You and Me- Lifehouse
13. Please Don't Go- Mike Posner
14. Find You- Zedd
15. Come With Me- Echosmith

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