Vitruvian Figure by Paul Pfeiffer

Museum of Contemporary Art and Design has recently opened Paul Pfeiffer's art exhibition entitled Vitruvian Figure.

The Vitruvian Man is the painting of Leonardo Da Vinci showing two overlapping positions of a man. It goes with the notes of the architect Virtuvius around 1490 about the different proportions of human body. As identified by the title of the exhibition itself, Pfeifer's collection exemplifies balance, proportion and stability.

24 Landscapes
A collection of framed photographs of ocean waves.

A video of an English game show.

A three-month shot of a bee creating its hive.

Morning after the deluge
A 20-minute sunrise in video.

Vitruvian Figure
Two 30-minute video of a real life arena and a small scale version of it.

Fragment of Crucifixion
A 5-second of a victorious basketball player.

Vitruvian Figure
A wooden arena divided by a mirror.

A ten-minute and a half video of a girl playing with her own echoes.

A one way mirror.

Paul Pfeiffer's Vitruvian Figure runs until April 16.

Experience Vitruvian Figure through Richard Serra and Nancy Holt's Boomerang video:

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