TR 2927. Three hours and five minutes
from Philippines to Singapore. Here
I am, imagining the clouds are
forming pictures: a jungle,
a baroque church, a dog running
after a girl. All these,
concealed, however, familiar.

REZ 539. Some four hour bus ride
from Bulacan to Pasay. There
I was, imagining the city smoke was an actual
fog machine hiding your weapons:
a lion in the jungle, a resident
hungry priest, or a vicious dog. All these,
familiar, however, concealed.

Some two hours
from Quezon City to Bulacan. There I was being
clouded by the smoke from your mouth.
The lion. The priest. The dog.
These were all you. All these,
familiar and concealed.

Naisulat habang lumilipad patungong Singapore noong nakaraang Linggo. Unang burador. Syempre, ang (sa tinging kong) mas maayos na bersyon nito ay nakasulat sa Filipino.

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